How do I book a session with you?
You should attempt to contact me at least one to two weeks before the date you would like the session to be held. Around the holidays, the quicker you reserve a date the better. The holidays are a very busy time of year :)
Weddings- Weddings should be booked 8 months to a year ahead of time to assure availability. If your special day is coming up and you need a last minute photographer, please don't hesitate to contact me. As long as I am available that day I will do my best to work with you.

Newborn sessions- It's best to try to take the photos within the first two-three weeks after birth. This is when they are still sleeping a lot and moving only a little. It's the ideal time for doing portraits, but don't be discouraged if you are past that timeframe. Babies are still plenty sleepy and adorably photogenic after 3 weeks. I will ALWAYS try to make time for newborns, so even if you're past the "ideal" timeframe, don't hesitate to call.

Cake Smash Sessions- Cake smash sessions should be booked at least 3 weeks in advance. This gives me time to prep the studio for carnage as well as order any props necessary to make your baby's portraits a "smashing" success! see what I did there? haha

Portrait sessions- Portrait sessions such as senior portraits, engagement shoots, headshots, family portraits, etc should be booked at least a week in advance.

How should I get in touch with you?
You can get in touch with me through a phone call, text, or email. We will try to find a date that works for both of us. Your session fee will be due at the time of booking.

Someone is sick, what do I do?
If someone gets sick, please try to call as soon as possible. 12 hours in advance would be wonderful for rescheduling. I do however understand that sometimes sicknesses can come on last minute, so I will try to be understanding. If you cancel and do not reschedule within a timely fashion, or do not show up for your session, your session fee will be forfeited.

So what is a timely fashion?
A timely fashion is within a weeks time. If the session cannot be rescheduled within that time due to my fault ( being overbooked, or otherwise unavailable) your session fee will not be forfeited, so long as a new session is made at our earliest convenience.

What do I wear?
If you are in a group, coordinate. That doesn't mean that you need to break out an entire family worth of matching outfits. What I mean is, if everyone else is dressing slightly casual, don't show up in a suit. :p If everyone else is wearing suits and dresses, maybe flip flops and board shorts are not the best option.
It depends entirely on what you want the pictures for, however, and will differ for each individuals needs.
If you have an individual style, and its appropriate for the style of photograph, then by all means, be YOU!
Get in touch with me, and we will brainstorm what might help make your pictures pop, based on what sort of setting and feel you want your pictures to have.

Should I bring anything?
You can bring anything you would like in include in your photo session. The goal is to make the portraits uniquely yours. Props are definitely a fun way of accomplishing that. I've taken portraits for people with pets, racecars, model planes, game consoles, musical instruments, and various other things. If there's something you're thinking of bringing to incorperate into portraits, please let me know. I'd love to help you brainstorm ideas.

Where do we shoot?
There are so many options to list! First off, we can shoot at my studio in Plains. This is typically the best option for doing cake smashes, newborn shoots, portraits for yearbooks, and headshots.
If the studio isn't your style, we can pick just about any location you'd like. Your backyard, a park, near a stream, in your home. Our only limitiatons are getting permission from the property owner if we want to travel to places that aren't typically open to the public. If we get permission and there is a fee for professional photography, it is your responsibility to pay the fee. I also have a few places just in case you don't have one in mind. Traveling is complementary in the Wilkes-Barre Scranton area.


Its not sunny out…
That's ok. Overcast days are wonderful for taking photos! It helps to even out lighting, make colors POP, and reduces harsh shadows (like the ones you often see under peoples eyes) Cloudy days also help limit the amount of squinty faces in portraits ( which is always a plus.)

Tut Tut, Looks like rain…
Not to worry, we can reschedule for an upcoming date. Or we can get really creative with some puddles and rain boots, if that's your style :)

Severe Weather Warning
I really hope this one goes without saying, but if there is a severe weather warning, such as a tornado, hurricane or blizzard, we will reschedule the session. I'd much rather both of us stay safe :)

After Your Session
After your session has come to a close, I will spend a long time processing and perfecting your images. 10-14 days after your portrait session I will email you to schedule your portrait reveal. For wedding clients this turn around time is roughly 4 weeks.
*Turnaround times don't account for holidays.
The day of your portrait reveal you will come into my studio and I will show you a slideshow with the best images from your session on our projector. From there, I'll help you narrow it down to your favorite picks and we can start the ordering process. Payment is due for prints at the time of the reveal.

How long does it take for my prints to come in?
Print turnaround times vary based on product, but typically they arrive within 8-14 business days from the day the order is recieved. Certain items such as albums may have a slightly longer turn around time, both because they require design and proofing on my end, as well as more time for the lab to assemble. They typically take 3-4 weeks from the proofing date. The proofing date is the day you approve the album layout for me to go ahead and order for you. *Turnaround times don't account for holidays or lab closures due to inclement weather.

What's the difference between ordering prints from you, or through someone else?
All my prints are retouched, and the color and saturation are corrected.
The photos are printed on professional paper that has been tested for integrity. My screens are also calibrated to the specifications of the labs I order from to assure proper contrast and exposure on each print.
I can't guarantee what other photo labs will do with your prints, being that sometimes the lab will automatically preform color correction on images. This means your image may not come out the same color or contrast as the image looked when you viewed them.

I recieved digitals in a gallery on your website. Can other people see my pictures?
No. All pictures get uploaded into a unique private gallery that requires password protection to access. Other people can only see the photos if they have the link to the gallery and the password. I only give the passwords out to you. You may send it to friends and family as you see fit.

But I can see some other galleries up on your site…
This is true. In order for people to see the kind of work I do it is necessary for me to showcase some of it to the public. The galleries that are made visible are done so only with the strict written permission of the people being photographed. If you would like other people to be able to see your photos, it helps me to branch out to new clients, but I also respect your privacy. If you don't want your pictures to appear for everyone to see, no hard feelings. Promise. :)

How long will my gallery be available for?
Your gallery will be available for 30 days. After that, your gallery will expire. If you would like to order prints after the 30 day period, a $50 re-listing fee will be charged.


I have stray hairs, my face is too oily, my teeth are yellowed etc…
The joy of digital photography is the ability to have a certain level of manipulation to the image. Small flaws can be touched up, such as, minor facial imperfections, yellowed teeth, redness in the eyes, a small distraction in the corner of the image etc.
Please understand however that not all things can be photoshopped out of a picture, and I do not specialize in dramatic photo manipulation.
I do smooth out skin tones and take away small blotches before posting the pictures in your gallery.
If i have missed something, or you would like something slightly different, some additional retouching can be done at your request, within reason.
If you request dramatic changes to the image or multiple images, retouching fees may apply.

If you have any questions that I haven't answered here, please feel free to contact me.
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